• Only top locations matter
  • Many promise top locations
  • Only real professional expertise can prove success
  • Only proven real professional expertise is worth its cost
  • We challenge our colleagues to prove their worth
  • Here we prove ours
  • The effectiveness of the 'Web Site Promotion' algorithms developed by 'interNET~APPlications' is demonstrated here for 'Israel Art Guide', one of our company's first collaborating customers and the most popular art web site in Israel by now.

    D E M O N S T R A T I O N

    At the page locations.html you can see that:

    a. for a variety of more than 500 keywords and key phrases...
    b. and at all major search engines...
    c. the main page of the site...
    d. is immediately found at top locations in search results pages showing thousands or even millions of entries...
    e. and quite often at the very top.

    This is a testable proof of our success in working on the main factor that determines the number of visitors coming from the target market of this site - top locations for a large variety of keywords.

    Which was an extremely difficult challenge, since the Internet is highly saturated with sites using its natural keywords ("art", "Israel", etc.).

    Moreover, our customers and prospective customers, can thus test our performance by themselves and evaluate it in comparison with the performance of other Web Site Promotion services.

    While shopping for Web Site Promotion services you should demand proof of previous professional success - the ability to bring a difficult site to top locations at search engines, at the expense of many other competing sites.

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